The Ideal Electric Heating Solution for Hotels

Posted on 2nd April 2019

Choosing an Electric Heating system for hotels can be difficult. First and foremost, the comfort of your guests is a priority. They need to feel comfortable, and this can be difficult to achieve as your customers may be coming from all over the world and tend to bring different ideas of a comfortable temperature. Your customers need the ability to choose exactly how warm they would like their room to be, when they want it. Then you’ll need to take style, cost and convenience into account.

With the Electric Heating Company’s complete range of Electric Radiators and Electric Heaters, we guarantee you that you’ll find the ideal heating product. With the Visage Electric Panel Heater, or the EcoSave Dynamic Heater, you can offer a comfortable heat to your guests at a limited cost. With our precision engineered German Electric Radiators, you can provide a traditional look with maximum energy efficiency, available in any colour of the RAL Chart.

And all of this can be monitored and managed through the use of our free app!

The Benefits of Electric Heating for Hotels.

Through the use of effective, efficient and fast acting components and advanced heater controls, Electric Heating has become one of the most versatile methods of heating in the world. Innovative energy saving features cut the costs of running your hotel – As well as being low to zero maintenance as there is no requirement to ‘bleed’ the radiator.

Clean Energy

Electric Heating is a much cleaner alternative to other widely used methods. Unlike gas, there is no combustion so there is no nasty fumes being pumped into the environment.

Safe & Reliable

Electric Heating eliminates any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions as there’s no ‘fuel’ being burned. There’s also no chance of any form of leakage.

Lifeline Value

An Electric Heating system is much simpler and cheaper to install and can last twice as long as the average lifespan of a traditional gas system. An Electric Heating system also eliminates the requirement for an annual gas safety check and you won’t have to carry out regular maintenance.

All of our Electric Heaters are 100% Efficient. This means that if you pay for 1kW of Electricity, you’re going to receive 1kW of heat, unlike gas systems which can be as inefficient as 70%.

Why use our free app for your heating system?

Our free app can act as a switchboard, which means you can fully control each heater wirelessly from the reception, office, or anywhere in the world. This massively reduces running costs as if the room isn’t booked, you can cut the power to the heater!

The real time energy monitoring feature of our app allows you to view the energy your heating system is using, as it’s being used.

All our products are fully compliant and up to date with building regulations and come with a quality guarantee.

If you have any questions, call us on 01698 825697 or email us on

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